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Marydale Inn Bed & Breakfast - 17287 232nd St. - Jameson, MO 64647 - 660-828-4541 -
Check out these exciting places near Marydale Inn!
Jamesport is located only 12 miles from Marydale Inn. It is the largest Old
Order Amish Settlement west of the Mississippi River. The charming
downtown is filled with unique shops, and the surrounding countryside is
home to many Amish businesses including furniture stores, bakeries,
bulk foods, produce, quilts and so much more. There are also many
festivals and auctions throughout the year. To learn more visit
Historical Sites
Adam-Ondi-Ahman (3 miles)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints historical site Adam-Ondi-Ahman lies west of
Highway 13 north of Gallatin and to the south of Jameson. Today, many visit the quiet and
peaceful site in rural Daviess County. From across the valley visitors can view Spring Hill from
a distance, and they can also drive to the summit of the Hill.
Visit the town site of Far West, Missouri, about 30 miles north of Liberty. Here you can see
the cornerstones of a temple planned by the Church. You can also enjoy the picnic area
situated near the temple site. Click here to learn more.
Part of the original Liberty Jail is housed in a protective visitor's center. Each year, many
visitors pay their respect to the place where Joseph Smith and others were incarcerated
for many months. Click here to learn more.

Independence was declared the center place and has a beautiful LDS Visitor's Center that is
located adjacent to the Reorganized or Community of Christ facilities and the Temple site.
Almost in the center of the United States, Independence and Liberty are great names for
cities in the center of the United States of America. Click here to learn more.
Home of the Ray County Museum and resting place of two of the Three Witnesses of the Book of
Mormon and home of Alexander Doniphan, a great patriot and friend of the Mormon people. Visit
the Richmond Chamber of Commerce web site
Nearby Towns
(click on each to learn more)
Gallatin Courthouse Bell
Jesse James Hideout