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Welcome to Marydale!

Marydale is our dream place. Part of it is reality and part still a
dream. With acres of sunshine and a big red barn, it's an ideal
retreat from the rush of city life and represents all that is tranquil
and good. We promote health and happiness while enjoying a
glimpse of the good life and relaxation in our comfortable rooms.

Marydale Inn was originally the Feurt Farm. Dale and Mary-Jo
bought it in the '80's. Dale is from Blackfoot, Idaho. Mary-Jo is from
Mt. Vernon, New York and Brookfield, Connecticut. Marydale Inn is
half way between both of their families. Dale graduated from high
school in London, England. He and Mary-Jo met over a chemistry
problem at Boston College. The chemistry was right, and they
married in 1974. After getting his MBA in Boston, Dale and
Mary-Jo lived in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Kansas,
Utah, Mexico, Peru, Connecticut, China, and Missouri!, and now
as missionaries in Harlem, New York! We have four children and 12
grandchildren to date.

Would you rather live in the country or in the summer?

Our dream will include homegrown produce and products available
both in the country and in the summer. Sunrise can begin with
feeding the animals and then working in the gardens. The barnyard
animals, gardens, orchards and berry patches can all be explored
at leisure. There can be seen wild turkey and deer drinking at the
ponds with catfish and bass.

Come to Marydale
- Dale Christensen

Come to Marydale and now celebrate
With us the great life, so why hesitate?

It's a special place, with moments in time
Where memories are made, making your rhythms rhyme.

It's an experience to keep, or with others to share.
It's a feeling that grows, once you've been there.

It's a place to relax, cuz your hurry must wait
When burdens are left, outside of our gate.

It's a place, and a time, without a care.
So good thoughts and feelings, you can share.

Breeze and warm sunshine will mix and will make
A lawn to a meadow, and a pond to a lake.

With delicious food, drink romance divine,
Dance, laugh and have fun, with non-alcoholic win

Enjoy peaceful slumber and such restful sleep,
Regaining your strength, and fond memories keep.

Yes, this is the place. By car, bike or bus,
Come to Marydale, "Come roost with us".

Marydale Inn Bed & Breakfast - 17287 232nd St. - Jameson, MO 64647 - 660-828-4541 -
Dale & Mary-Jo 1977
by Dotty Egan Ralphs
Art and Dian Kelly, Dale's sister and
brother-in-law, are the interim inn keepers
at Marydale Inn while Dale and Mary-Jo
are serving as missionaries in Harlem,
New York. They are the kindest, best,
most welcoming people you have ever
met. Marydale Inn is in good hands. As
you can see, they have a wonderful
posterity who we are proud to call family.
The Kelly Family